What Is The Process Of Animated Video Production?

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of talk about animated video production. These types of explainer videos have become increasingly popular among businesses that are looking to increase traffic and sales to their websites, blogs, e-commerce stores, etc.

For example, if you are looking for one of these types of videos to use as part of your marketing campaign, you may have reached out to a production company and may have already hired them to work on your marketing video. However, you may be confused about the process and how animated explainer videos are created.

You have probably been told by the video production company that you will have an animated video that is both informative and entertaining within a month or two. This will be the video that will be located on the landing page of your website. But, exactly how will it get on your website? Continue reading to learn more about the process.

As mentioned, you should expect to have a completed animated video by the 8th week mark from the time you hired the production company. This is the amount of time that most producers need to completed the different phases of video production known as:

  • Discovery
  • Writing
  • Design
  • Revisions

Although it is possible to shorten the timeframe, you may end up paying more if the production team has to work on weekends or after hours to complete it.

Animation Video Research

During this phase, the producer will take a deeper look into your company’s brand and will also look at the goals you have for your business. Once this is finished, the two of you will meet to make a decision on the direction the video should take. There will also be a discussion about the video production process and the plans the producer has for your video.

animated videos

Writing The Script

If you want to really engage your intended audience with the video, it must have an excellent script. There will likely be several revisions during while the script is being written.

Keep in mind that, although the animation is nice, the most important part of your video will be the script. If it does not have the intended effect on your audience, the video is useless. Be sure that the producer spends enough time writing a powerful, engaging and effective script.

You can also help with this part of the video production process. If you are asked to offer script revisions, do not be afraid to change anything that you know will not work. If the tone of the script does not match your brand, make sure the producer knows.

Animation Storyboards

Storyboards are created after the final script has been written. This is simply a digital or pencil sketched representation for every frame that will be in the video.

Voiceovers, Design And Sound Design

Depending on the video’s script, the production company will choose a professional voice over artist. Be aware that a video animation production company will use a non-professional, below standard voice artist who may not properly represent your brand.

The animator will design the video frames, and then break every layer of the frame apart to match the recording of the voice artist once it is completed.

The final stages include sound design and finishing. Reputable producers always include sound by including custom music or choosing royalty-free music.

An editor will mix the scenes with the final audio mix so the video will be delivered to you in several applicable formats.

Animated video production has been known to increase conversion rates, rankings in search engines and sales. You no longer have to create a 15-minute pitch. Hire an animated video company to produce and tell your company’s story.


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